I’m in awe of the Oregonian’s “Season of Sharing”

Kristin Reese, program manager of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Columbia Gorge, just came into my office and said, “Oh my God! I can’t believe it!”  She’d just gotten off the phone with The Oregonian newspaper.  Back in November 2010, they included a story about one of our BBBS Little Sisters in their “Season of Sharing” edition.  View my blog post for the link to that story.  

In December, The Oregonian sent us a check for $5,000 and today they informed us that they will be sending another check for $6,000!

The generosity of the people of Oregon really astounds me.  Someone read the article on the Little Sister and her single father and donated a used pick-up truck to them so they wouldn’t have to walk everywhere.  The “Season of Sharing” proceeds then went to pay for snow tires for the truck, groceries and other necessities and a private tutor for the Little Sister so she can catch up on her school work.

As I said, I’m in awe of the “Season of Sharing”, and here at The Next Door, we really do feel as if it’s always a season of sharing.


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