Race Cars and Generosity

About a month ago, I got one of those phone calls I love getting.  It was from Jon Davies, a fellow Rotarian and insurance salesman with a local company, Columbia River Insurance.  Jon was calling because he races cars in his off time and wanted to know if we’d be interested in having his team fundraise for Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) during their next race.  Well, of course, the answer was an emphatic, “YES” from both myself and Kristin Reese, program manager of BBBS. 

What I love about these kinds of offers is not only that people are so generous to think of us, but also that we get to learn all about things we never would have known about.  In this case, endurance car racing.

Jon’s team is called Team MiataCage and they have a great website with more information about their upcoming race in early December, when they plan to race their two cars for 50 straight hours with only 6 drivers.  Huh?!  Visit their website to learn more about this fascinating sport.

Thanks to Jon and his team for their support–I can’t wait to hear about the race!


2 Responses

  1. Janet- Just getting started but so far we have collected $1731.00 for Big Brothers / Big Sisters. It’s really great to be able to help!


  2. This is amazing! There are so many generous people out there. Thank you so much, Jon.

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